I 129 Denied but having Valid Visa


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Posting on behalf of my friend.

My friend hold a H1B visa which expires on Sept 2017. He applied for new LCA for location change. He see a denial statement from USCIS as "I129 is denied". But he still carry a valid visa till Sept 2017. Can someone please let me know my next steps? He need to take a vacation on Feb 2017 for his marriage and need to sort out this issue by that time.

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I am also in a similar situation . I recently changed my location for a new assignment and my employer filed the visa amendment in premium .My previous  H1 visa has the validity till October 2017 .

I got an RFE on I129 after 1 week of amendment submission and my employer said because of not proper client letter was the reason for the RFE .They submitted the required document again , today when I check the status online it shown as denied and the reason of the denial details will be mailed in 10 days . 


1) Is any issue of staying in U S with denied I129 ? 

2) How long I can stay without an approved I 129?

3) What would be the usual next steps?

4) My wife and daughter went to India for a short visit and they need to do the visa stamping . Is any issue to go for the visa stamping with previously approved H1 petition  ?


Awaiting for the responses ! Thanks 


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Greatly appreciated your response !I have a valid I94 until oct-2017 . And the previously approved I-797A till oct-2017 .  

I have been working in the new location from June-2016 onwards after filing the amendment (because of the client location change) . As the I129 got denied do I need to go back to my previous location immediately ? 

Any issue if my  wife and daughter go for the visa stamping ,as they are in India now ?

Does thins denial of visa amendment affect my further working in US ?

Does it affect my GC processing  ?


Many thanks for your help !




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