H1 B RFE (F2 to H1)


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I have applied for a change of status from F2 to H1 (with an employer--Vendor--Client structure) and received an RFE to establish an employer-employee relationship. They have also asked for an end client letter. Our current vendor is not able to provide end client letter (due to various reasons)

My question

1. Can we replace the current vendor with someone who is willing to offer a job and has a valid client letter. 

2. What all documents can furnish an employer-employee relationship?

3. Can murthy law firm review the response for RFE?

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See the answers as per your questions below:

1. yes you can go with other vendor and apply fresh application.

2.  it is different vendor so you need to provide all the previous exp letters, paystubs, w2 wages, MSA, SOW and very important client letter.

3.  May or may not sure. Just call or send an email instead of using this forum.

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