H1B Visa Approved after 3 rounds of interview....at hyderabad


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I had my interview on Aug24 at 9:15 AM.I went to the hyderabad consulate by 8:45 AM.I just followed the line behind the consulate gate.I was the 5th guy in the line.At 9 AM i was allowed to enter inside and almost all security checks,vfs docs collection,fingerprints,...waiting for the interview with a token number took 45 mins.So I was waiting for the interview and got the announcement to attend the interview at 10:10 AM.I went to the respective counter and there are 2h1b people,1b1 infront of me.Surprisingly the VO finished off those three members interview in 20 mins.Now its my turn.Please follow the below conversation between me and VO

About me : i work in a product based company.EC model.moving from offshore - onshore.6yrs exp.

First Round

start time : 10:35 am

me:hi good morning

vo: yeah ! hi good morning

me: how r u doing today ?

vo: good,...am good..

vo: so you'r highest degree ?

me: told xxx [ typing something ]

vo: bachelor's ?

me: xxx told [ typing something ]

vo: is this your first company ?

me: told

vo: when did you joined this company ? [ typing something ]

me: xx-xx-yyyy [ total 6 years 2 months as on aug 24 ,2011]

vo: on which project you are working on ?

me: told

vo: can you brief your role's and responsibilities in this product ?

me: explained.... [ typing something ]

vo: what is your specialization in this product ?

me: i did research on xxx and my company want me to change our complete product with the lines of new xxx software....

vo: ok,just gimmie 2 mins

me: ok

after 5 mins...i was standing at the interview counter...

vo: Can you please wait there .You need to take up another round at counter 1.We will call you .please wait there.

total time 15 mins .first round ended at 10:50 AM

**i waited for another 10 mins and someone called me to go to counter 1.

**This time i will just post all questions by VO.If you have any questions pls reply me.

second Round

start time : 11 am

vo: hi

me: hi good morning.how are you

vo: can you brief about your products...?

vo: so it seems your company owns 3 products.can you brief on other two ?

vo: your's roles' and responsibilities ?

vo: what is the team size ?

vo: your designation ?

vo: to whom you report here ?

vo: upon requirements front whom do you contact at on-shore ?

vo: do you or your onsite project manager deal with clients for requirements ?

me: No,we have product manager to deal client meetings for req gathering...

vo: what is the total strength in onsite ?

vo: Do everyone interact with client ?

me: You know mam !!,we have a proper product team at onsite.none form the product development team interacts with client.even me too.we have product manager to interact with client ...and rest people are into services..

vo: ok

vo: sounds good.

vo: where do you work ? [location...be clear as mentioned in petition]

vo: your building has how many floors ?

vo: can you list few companies in that building ?

vo: any landmark ?

me: told answers for all above as i have been there for 5 times on business trips...

VO told i am fine ...but you need to wait for some time to be called.This second round took 15 mins ..and after that i waited for another 10 mins and went to 3rd vo.Now the time is 11:25 am

Third round

start time 11:25 aM

**Sorry am posting only questions..

vo: so you are into a product based company ?

vo: what do this product do ? [a specific product in insurance domain...]

vo: your salary in USA ?

vo: can you tell me why clients are choosing your product ?

me: I gave my best answer with all the experience and knowledge in our products and services..

vo: what do these clients do ? client A,client B,client C....? [ A,B,C are our clients ]

vo: in what way your product serves best for these clients ? and their associated customers ?

**silence for 2 mins...typing something..

vo: ok fine...things are fine ? your visa was approved and you will receive it in a week

me: thanks you ,have a good day

so after all interviews i came out at 11:40 am

so my interview went for more than an hr including wait time.

today i received my passport with h1b stamp...Sorry i posted my interview very late.Hope this would be helpful for many people who are going for interviews next week.

thanks and congrats in advance guys!!!

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Donn know why i have three rounds of interview.I could hear couple of rejections before me.So I was in the wrong very much tensed.

One main reason i thought can be, i am with the same company since 6 years.[Thats the reason i had lot of questions regarding projects..and all]

Another reason is my H1b petition was applied with my old passport and i went to interview with my new passport.[For security reasons they can kill us with multiple questions ]

Donn know ,i cannot see any other reasons.But for sure i donn think every h1b interview is similar.Coz,i read couple of posts in ******** and murthy,i see hardly people having interviews for long time.

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