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I am working as a consultant and my H1 got approved this year without any RFE. While filing my H1 my end client letter was missing and I lost my project on April 8th and got a new project by mid June with new client and new location.

I planning to go to India and want to know if there will be any issue during stamping as end client letter from my previous employer was missing? Do I need to get a new LCA for my new client? Is there any way where they will stop me entering USA due to missing of document?

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You need to get new LCA from your new client that gives you the proof where and for which company currently you are working otherwise in port of entry you may face difficulties like who is the employer  if employer is different in visa stamping then they will ask new I-797 petition copy. 

Even if you go to new stamping (current visa go expired) in india then you have to provide all the valid LCA petition documents even if you go with drop box option or visa interview otherwise you will get RFE to providing client letter and also valid LCA petition.

Just take care and think before going to India.

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