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Hi all,

can h4 candidate apply for h4 EAD while h1b amendment is in process.  Will it get approved before amendment approval..

In my case it is denied.

My spouse had 2 amendments with USCIS, for the old one,  there was an RFE. Employer had withdrawn it as it is not with the current client(she is working at the location based on the current amendment). 

In the notice the reason they mentioned was "there was a denial of I129H denial for the h1b on september 20th".

I have checked the status of original H1b, it is in good state and latest amendment is in initial review.

While discussing same with the employer immigration team, they said that until the new amendment is approved, though a MTR is applied for this, USCIS will wait till the current amendment is approved. 

Is that the case.


Help is much needed.


Posting it here as I am unable to get any response to this in H4 related sections...

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