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I have received a RFE recently from USCIS after applying for change of status from b1/b2 to f1 via I-539
in the RFE USCIS has asked me plenty of questions which has gave me the doubt that they are trying to find a way to reject my Change of Status.
RFE is asking for following:
1. NEW I-20 with new start term date with same SEVIS number 
2. Financial Support documents bank statement, paystups and sponsor letter i-134 etc. (Sponsor info)
3. Reason given for obtaining the B-1 Visa at US Consulate (It was medical reason visiting my father) Provide proof of tourism in chronological order and cities/towns visited
4. A detailed chronological list with (exact to dates) of the activities engaged since in USA, towns and tourist attractions visited (Provide documentary proof)
5. Explanation how or from whom i heard about the school and what made me apply for admission to the school.
6. Provide documentary evidence of the day you applied for admission to the school.
7. Statements regarding the reason and justification for returning to school at this time and how would the schooling benefit me to return to home country.
8. Submit proof for all residential addresses in USA, telephone bills, utility bills and receipts since arrival in states.
* Now its asking me for Statements regarding the reason and justification for returning to school at this time and how would the schooling benefit me to return to home country.
* Submit justification for remaining in the U.S to study instead of institution in home country.
So now, I am here not to ask for answers to the RFE, ofcourse I will provide them as suited for me but I want to ask how do I approach this RFE? It seems to be very negative with so many questions and statements, seems like they are not convinced that I am a bonafide visitor going to become a bonafide student and want to see if there was a preconceived intent but I have not violated my status in anyway.
So, my question is what are the chances of approval? I applied 3.5 months later while in usa and I had no intention to study before but after visiting university campus near where I lived that then I decided to approach a degree.
I do have an attorney but she seems to be not very helpful, sadly they do not take much interest in RFE's.
I would appreciate if anyone can share their experience or tell me a template or a sample that I can follow? Like an order or any tips that could help me get this approval.


I would like to add this information,


I visited my father last year, end of the year , for 1 week.(father passed away and I returned to my home country). On my 2nd trip to USA, I came with my mother to USA, at port of entry I said I want to help my mother adjust and also tour sites and visit places since I was not able to last time and then I applied for  change of status  after 4 months. Strongly, the reason that I applied is because I wanted to get a better job position in my home country (I work as a Real Estate/Construction firm manager and I chose Management Information Systems to get a better job or better position in the same firm.


I do so agree with the suspicion and the change of intent but I have in no way jeopardized my status and  I have visited all around States and cities, I have plenty of pictures and proof of my bonafide visitor intent but still, I believe they wont be easily convinced thats why Im here to get best possible advice on this.


It does seem a drastic switch and on top of that I've had 2 F1 rejections in the past in 2014. I believe my case seems very weak, Should I go back after even applying change of Status? Wouldn't if affect my case that I tried to change status in USA?just visiting and touring around.


I dont wanna jeopardize my application or chances of receiving F1 in future. Anyone can give me optimum advice? I am 25 years old and I have already spent 6 months in USA on my b1 visa. I don't think the Consul Visa officer will appreciate that.


Thanks in advance!

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