H4-H1-H4 ...need urgent plz help me


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Hi All

I got H4 visa in 2007(singapore)

I came USA in 2007(Sep)

I applied H1 visa in 2008

Got H1 in 2008(oct)

I have payslips from Dec 2008 to 2009.W2 Also.

I dont have payslips&w2 for 2010

My H1 visa going to expiring in sep 2011.

So i am planning to go india and want to attend H4 stamping.

I have H1 visa but no stamping on that.

So what my question is:

What documents i need for H4 stamping.

If they asks any question on visa what i have to tell.(means H4 or H1)

And never attend stamping in india so lot of questions.

Now i heard by some...i have to submit all my documents befoe 4 days(HYD) is this true.

At that time i have to submit my H1(I797) also or if they asks then only....

Please help me in documentaion part and interview questions also.

Please please its very urgent............

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Please schedule a consultation with an experienced immigration attorney to discuss the specific facts relating to your case and the documentation required to apply for a H-4 visa at the U.S. consulate abroad. In addition, please review the website for the specific consulate where you will apply for the visa for a more specific document checklist.

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