H1b Visa Matamaros 25th and 26th October


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Hi naga ,  This is raj from dallas area. I am thinking to go to for stamping  in matamorous . Haven't booked the dates yet, but thinking to go around the same time frame.  Whats the availability of  interview dates  on 25th and 26th october.,are there still dates availble? if so i will try to book it and we can coordinate together..Let me know. 

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On 10/22/2016 at 6:14 PM, naga162 said:

Raj ,


I have changed my Dates to Nov 15th and 16th . Let me know if you are traveling during same time

Hi Naga/Raj.. did you take Mexico Tourist Visa? If yes, how did you make an appointment with consulate in Dallas. I sent email for appointment and did not receive response.

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