URGENT help - H1B approved for 2 years beyond the 6 years maxout before Filing PERM


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Hi ,

I'm working for employer A and my 6 years H1B maxout is in Aug 2017 . Employer A is not filing GC , so I was planning to switch to employer B who was ready to file my GC , so I can extend beyond 6 years.When employer B did H1b transfer , I should have got H1b approval only till Aug 2017 since PERM is not filed yet ,but got approval till Aug 2019.

1) Please advise if I can join Employer B in this scenario.is there any way if uscis can be notified to correct this ?why did approval came for 2 additional years beyond 6 years maxout.

2) will there be a problem during h1b extension for 3 years after Perm is filed with employer B and i140 is received.

3)after i140 approval through employer B , is it required to extend h1b visa as it it already till aug 2019 .



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