***Urgent: Travel to India on AP (H1-B Expired)

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I am undergoing process of applying for I-765, I-485 and AP based on "Filing Date" being current (while Final Action Date is still not current) and hope to get approved in sometime future. 

Currently I have I-94 validity till mid of next year but my H-1B visa is expired.

By going through the forums I understand that I can travel and return to US with AP. But in such case I will lose H1B status and assume Parolee status. Is that correct? Further, assuming it is correct, If I lose H1B status my dependents would also lose H4 status?

Also, once I am a Parolee, what are the limitations? Can i change my employer on AP (Parolee) while I-485 is pending?

If i loose H-1 status, can it be reinstated with applying of extension (without having to go with lottery)?

Appreciate any help can be provided.

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