FIRST TIME VIsa stamping --- H4 to H1 currently working


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Please help to provide me some guidence and suggestions.

Here is my current situation


a) Living in USA since July 2006 (5 yrs now), I was on H4 until Dec 2010

b) Got my H1 in Jan 2011

c) Currently working for 'EmployerA' at a client location 'Client1'

d) Client1 <----- Mainvendor <----- Subvendor <----- (EmployerA)

I am going to india in the month of Oct/Nov and have to get my visa stamping done. (at Hyderabad)



1) How hard will it be to get my visa based on the above scenerio ? (Hyderabad)

2) If my visa is rejected, can I apply for H4 and come back on that. ? If so, can I apply H4 immediatly after my H1 is rejected ?

3) Will my H1 rejection effect my H4 visa stamping ?

4) If i come back to US on h4, will the change-of-status from H4 to H1 will work or do it have to be a fresh H1 petetion all over again?

5) What are the key important documents I am suppose to take with me based on the above employee client relationship ?

6) Can I go to Canada for stamping (this is my first time on H1) ? How easy /hard it is to get visa in canada ?

7) If I can go to canada will they redirect me to my home country ?

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