RFE on Premium Processing taking more than 2 weeks


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I have applied for H1 and H4 extension in Premium processing on Aug 10th 2016 and I have received an RFE on Aug 24th, 2016. My attorney has responded to RFE on Sept 9th 2016. It has been more than 2 weeks and the status has not yet changed online.. its still showing "On August 24, 2016, we mailed a request for additional evidence for your Form I-129". My employer called to get the update from USCIS they didn't gave any response, either that they got the documents or they are looking into it.. I called the USCIS to check what is the response time for RFE if filed in Premium Processing they said its 60 days.. I didn't had any clue I was under assumption that if filed in Premium Processing the response time should be 15 days even when we get RFE.. I don't understand why they treat RFE differently..

Any suggestions to expedite the process..


Thanks in advance



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