PERM Filing - Bachelors Degree Conferred date


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I'm in my mid-5th year of H1B and my company law firm is starting to file my PERM application. The job requirement for the position is Bachelor's + 5 years of experience and will be filed in EB2 category in I-140 stage.

I completed my Bachelor's in April 2002 and the degree was conferred in March 2003. I worked in between this period and after that as well.

The lawyer states that only the experience after the Degree conferred date (March 2003) will be considered and not before that. Is this true?

Can someone please share their experience on this? I will not be able to meet the requirement for 5 years of experience for PERM filing if the experience I had between April 2002 and March 2003 is not going to be considered.(will be short of 2 months if counted from March 2003).

Please share your experience and knowledge on this.

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