H1B extension to H4 EAD


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My spouse is on H1B which would expire in September 2016 and H1B extension is in progress

My H1B is valid till December 2018 with I140 approved so spouse is eligible for H4 EAD


1. Is there an option to convert spouse H1B extension to premium + H1B to H4 COS + H4 EAD all together . can I expect H4 EAD to come with H1B extension this way? 

I know it sound a bit weird that H1B and then H4 which are two different statuses but I do need H1B and then H4 


2. is there a way to avoid any employment gap for H1B to H4 EAD? 


The reason why I would want spouse to get H1B extension in case she wants to go back to H1B from H4 then she can use that H1B till its validity 

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Myself and my Spouse also in the same situation. 

I have H1B Valid until SEP 2016. Also we have applied H1B Extension in the process. But no results so far....

My spouse have valid h1b with approved I140. 

Is it possible to apply H4 EAD parallelly based on my spouse approved I140

Is this H4 EAD Apply will spoil my current H1B status and further H1B extension Process....

Anyone got any solution for this kind of situation.? Please share your experience asap




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