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Dear Friends,

I need your advice. I work for an IT forum based in India.

My employer has applied for my H1-B in cap and it got picked up in lottery this year.

I just moved to US on H4 visa by taking time off from my job(On Leave). I am still employee of my current employer who has sponsored my H1.


My question is, if my employer does not find project/job for me in US, Can I transfer my H1 to new employer and start working for new employer. I am I eligible for that?


If yes, Shall I need to go to India for Visa Stamping or Change of status can be applied during H1 transfer??



Appreciate your help.




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The employer has a project for you, that's why they filed an H1. If they are a consulting company, they had to provide a client letter, showing that a project is waiting for you.

Are you telling us that the employer lied on the H1 petition?

You need to start working for the original employer in the US on H1 (and obviously, you need to get paid) before a transfer can be filed.

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