H4 to F1 visa


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Hello Experts,


My wife is on H4 visa and we are planning to change her status to F1 visa, i have few questions around that and i am debating which option is better


1. Change of status in US.

2. Stamping in India to F1 visa.


The concerns i see with Option-1 is, lets say the status is changed to F1 visa here in US and when she goes to India, she need to go to stamping if she gots denied her F1 visa, the risk i see is she is Left out with No Option other than again apply for H4 Visa or F-1 visa.


The pro's of the going to India and doing stamping which i see are if she gots denied, still she can come back on her H4 visa, as that will be still active.

But with this Option-2 comes with some questions like


1. why do you need to change from H4 to F1, if you can still study on h4, which i need to answer.


So can any one of you guys can suggest me which is "Better" or am i missing some...?




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