90 day grace period on Indian passport


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I am in Saudi Arabia on a Saudi visa on Indian passport. I will get naturalized and obtain a US passport in a month. I won't have enough time to get another Saudi visa on us passport, because I have to come back to Saudi immediately.

My question is

1. Does the Indian government allow 90 day grace period when I can reenter Saudi Arabia on Indian passport after acquiring US citizenship?

2. When I renter US after acquiring US citizenship, I will show my US passport. Will the immigration be looking for the departure record on my us passport when I left the US and entered Saudi ?

Kindly answer my questions.


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Thanks JoeF for your response. Since there's a lot of paperwork involved in getting a Saudi visa on the US passport, is it advisable to attend the naturalization interview in the US and reenter Saudi on the Indian passport. Is it advisable to postpone the oath ceremony and attend the oath ceremony on my next vacation from Saudi to the US. This will buy me additional time to get the us passport and get Saudi visa on US passport. Kindly respond.

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Great, thanks again for your reply. I have a business trip scheduled after my citizenship interview. If the oath comes after I left for the trip, then I may have to come back to attend the oath ceremony. Do they usually mention at the end of the interview about the approval and the likely date for the oath (whether same month or next month etc...) ?

I understand that they provide a naturalization certificate after the oath. The US consulate in Saudi agrees that they can issue me a US passport after I provide them the Naturalization certificate. Then is it possible to reenter Saudi with Saudi visa on the Indian passport and acquire US passport in the US consulate in Saudi ?

Kindly respond.

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