H1 to H4 conversion


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I need some help or advise!! Please help me.


I'm on H1B visa and it expires on end of Aug 2016. I work as a contractor and Im done with my current project and looking for new one. My employer applied for H1 extension in normal process with an in-house project to keep me in status. They want to update H1 extension process once I get new project.


I have to go India in the last week of Oct 2016 for my wedding. In worst case if I dont get a project by the time I leave Im pretty sure my H1 extension wont be approved.


1) Is it possible to go India when my H1 extension is under process and come back as H4, then again convert back to H1? if it is possible what's the process?


2) I have my I-140 approved. Is there any problem to my I140 if I come back on H4 into the country?


Please help me and suggest me.


Thanks in advance!!


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