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Hi All,


I just received an RFE notice on i-485 and here’s the exact language we received from USCIS. 


You submitted a copy of your computer generated birth certificate. However, this document appears to have been altered. Specifically, your parents’ names have been added to the document in a different format and appears to have been typed onto the document. Therefore, submit an explanation and independent objective evidence from the issuing civil authority to support your claim and to establish that this is the “norm” for this particular issuing civil authority. The U.S. Department of State indicates you should be able to submit one of the following:

•         If you were born in a city, submit a copy of a birth certificate issue by the Local Registrar

•         If you were born in a village, submit a photocopy of a birth certificate issued by the additional District Registrar’s Office

•         If you completed grade 10 or higher, also submit a photocopy of their Education Board Certificate

Please submit a birth certificate which meets these requirements.

The birth certificate must be issued by the appropriate civil authority showing timely registration, date and place of birth, and parents’ name. In addition, the document must contain the seal of the issuing office including the date of registration and signature of the registrar.


If the birth certificate does not list the names of both mother and father, secondary evidence must be submitted to establish parentage. 


Below is our response & documents we plan to send over to allay their concerns. 


Dear Sir/Madam,


In response to your “Request for Evidence”, please find the following documents enclosed herewith:

The “Request for Evidence” letter and the envelope

Copy of documents listing names of both mother & father, establishing parentage 

o Notarized copy of the birth certificate confirming that the copy enclosed is true copy of original and has not been altered

o Copy of notarized affidavits by both parents about the birth of ZZZZ.

Mother – XXXXXX

Father – YYYYYYY

o Copy of Grade 10th and 12th Education Board Certificate

o Copy of School Transfer Certificate

o Copy of Rohit’s marriage certificate


School records show my mother’s full name as “XXXXX” because at some places it’s customary in India to have as last name, in absence of which it typically assumes the family name of his or her spouse. 


Thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter. Please do not hesitate to contact me if a question should arise.



Rohit Kewlani





Let me know if the response is good enough to support the cause. 


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