I485 pending EB3 Case transfered to different service center


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I am having a strange situation. My GC is processing on EB3 category on ROW. Basically, I filed I140 & I485 non concurrent. First I received RFE on I140 then once replied by my employer it got approved end of March 2016. I saw the the status as case is approved. But after about 5 days the status changed to case sent to department of state for visa processing. First question is my I140 still pending?


I filed I485 on october 2015 via lawyer. Received fingerprint mail and got EAD AP in 2 months.On April 2016 the case was sent to texas service center status saying, new office has jurisdiction over this case. My priority date is Sept 2014. I don't know what is going on with my application? Haven't seen any change on status after that. Folks on ROW are getting GC in half on my time frame. May be because of filling concurrent. Talked to my lawyer, said raised SR with USCIS but no update yet. Anyways, not sure if I can do anything to check my status or anything else? EAD expiring in 4 months. Or someone on same boat? Any advice is highly appreciated. 

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