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Hi All, 


I am about to apply for Citizenship after waiting for almost 5 and half years. I have couple of questions  on this. 


1. I have a traffic violation(Speeding) infraction in 2014 in VA and I have paid in full. There is no violations since then. Do I need to mention this in my N400? Does it effect my eligibility for citizenship?


2. My wife wants to change her last name during citizenship? Is it easy? Do we need to change to our SSN, etc or with this she can change her DL and change her name at work too? 


Can you suggest, so that we can apply and get our dream of citizen ship. 


Thank you all, 


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Speeding tickets have to be reported. They don't cause any issues.

Name changes are pretty easy during naturalization, assuming that the USCIS district does judicial naturalizations (some, e.g., in Silicon Valley, are administrative only, without the ability to do name changes.)

Name changes in the US are done by a court. Most naturalization ceremonies double as a court session, so the name change is done together with the naturalization.

She gets a court paper that certifies the name change. She needs to present that to the social security office for a new social security card (the number stays the same) and to the DMV for a new DL.

Once she has these things, she would have to inform others, like employer, credit card companies, etc. about her new name.

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