Is I-140 receipt number sufficient for H1-B visa extension by another employer


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  1. My PERM with previous employer (Employer A) was approved and then I moved to current company (employer B).

  2. Employer A has filed my I-140 as future employment and it got approved.I have the receipt number for the I-140 but not approval notice.

Employer B also has filed for my I-140 and is currently with USCIS for processing. By Nov 2016 green card will have been “in process” for 365 days and I will be eligible for a 1-year extension.

Employer B want to extend my H1-B visa for three years (as I'll max out my 6 years this Nov 2016) based on the approved I-140 from employer A.

is it possible for employer B to go ahead with just the I-140 receipt number? Do we see any risks associated with that if it is "YES" for my previous question.

Appreciate your response. Thank you.
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