h4 visa ds-160 questions


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Hi Friends,


I am on H4 visa and my wife is on H1. We are going for stamping to India 1st time.


1. What should I select as primary occupation in DS-160?


Not employed




2. My wife's I-140 application is approved. My name was specified inside the application.


What should I mention in the question: "Has anyone filed an immigration petition on your behalf to USCIS?"     Yes or No


If I select "yes", then they are asking: "Please specify". What should I mention?


3. Purpose of Trip to US: Temporary Worker (H)

    Specify: Spouse of an H (H4)

    Principal Applicant Information:  Last name - X

                                                             First name - Y

                                                             Application receipt/petition number - ? (I have to write H1 or H4 receipt number)



Thanks in advance

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