Complex H1b Amendment Issue - Advice needed


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Need to travel to India for my wedding on August 28th but H1b amendment is pending with a background check delaying the process. 

Current status: 

  • Valid H1b with I797 upto January 31st 2018 which was approved in 2015 January ( Location transfer and extension ) 
  • Visa stamp expires on August 31st 2016 ( The first 3 years stamp ) 
  • H1b amendment in process ( in addition to the approved H1b due to another location change with in the same MSA. 
  • Havent changed employers since 2013 the start of my H1b and the travel to India is compulsory. 

Can I get my visa extended using my I797 which is valid upto 2018 during since its a drop box extension ? Is my reentry in jeopardy because of a pending H1B amendment ?

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