H1B Stamping in case of concurrent H1B


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Here is my situation: 
1: Employer A, i quit last year October 2015; Employer A - H1B stamp on my passport is expired in October 2015; they had filed extension which was valid until October 2018 
2: Joined Employer B in November 2015 with new petition which was expiring in October 2016, but they filed extension and new petition is now approved and valid upto October 2017 and working with them 
3: Also have Concurrent H1B with Employer C with separate petition filed last month and is valid upto October 2019 

I am planning to travel to my home country for H1B Visa Stamping, I filled up DS160. 
It wont allow to enter two approved petition details. 

Also, to book an appointment,after filling up all questionnaire, it said I don't need to appear for in person interview; and eligible for Drop-box facility. 

1: How to fill up petition details with concurrent H1B employment in DS160? 
2: Am i still eligible for Dropbox facility? 
3: What is your expert advice on this siatuation

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