Different I94 validity period in H1 Amendment and Extension approval


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Hi, my employer filed Amendment petition during Nov 2015 due to work location change through regular processing, while the case was pending with USCIS; my employer filed H1 Extension during Feb 2016 for the same client and work location where they filed my Amendment.. Both the petition was in pending status for long time so during month of June both the petitions was upgraded to premium on the same day.. 

USCIS approved Extension Petition one day ahead of Amendment petition even though Amendment petition filed before Extension petition. The problem now is Extension was approved till next year however the amendment petition approval date is till June 2016 only, since the Amendment petition approved after extension petition I got doubt which validity date will takes precedence? 

Amendment Petition: 
File Date -> Nov 2015 
Premium Upgrade Date -> Jun 2016 
Approval Notice Date -> Jun 16 2016 
Approval Period -> Jun 11 2016 - June 30 2016 

Extension Petition: 
File Date -> Feb 2016 
Premium Upgrade Date -> Jun 2016 
Approval Notice Date -> Jun 15 2016 
Approval Period -> Jun 30 2016 - July 31 2017 

As Approval notice date for Amendment case is latest compare to Extension case though extension is filed after amendment case, I got doubt which approval period will take precedence? Thank you so much for your help on this..

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