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Hey everyone, I am from South Africa and EB-2. I am about to file I-140 /I-485 concurrent in Nebraska. I want to file premium but my lawyer has said it is most likely to raise an RFE. Can anyone share any current experience on PP in Nebraska? Will I-485 process be quicker if I-140 approved faster?

Any advice and current experience in 2011 would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Replying to RFE or waiting!

I applied in June 2010 under Regular Processing, because my lawyer gave me the same reason. But, after more than 10 months, TSC has it still under Initial Review. We did check with USCIS for multiple times and every time, we were told that they were still processing my application!

Finally, I went ahead and upgraded my application to PP. TSC has received my PP application on April 18th, 2011 and I am hoping for the best.

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