EB3 to EB2, Interfiling or new 485? (Already filed old 485 in 2007)

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Folks, this is good info. I am soon going to be in same boat and will update this discussion with my info as well. Meanwhile, could you please help me with these 3 questions:

1st Q: Please tell me whether the interfiling was done automatically or it was done through any specific process (like raising SR or filling up another form)?

2nd Q: Do you necessarily need to file a new I-485 to ensure interfiling? If not then, in case that I have to file for my spouse (who has not filed before), should there be Two I-485 applications (one for each) or mine will be interfiled and i only need to file a 485 for my spouse

3nd Q: I see that the dates of your I-485 interfiling is on an average 1 month apart, is that normally the case?

Thanks a lot in advance.

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1st Q: Sent an Interfiling Letter and Raised a SR.

2nd Q: You don't have to file a new 485. Your spouse should. If your old 485 and new 140 are in the same Service center then you may not have to interfile.

3nd Q: Thats the time it takes to get your 140 approval notice on hand and then for your attorney to prepare the docs for interfiling and send it to the service center.

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Here are my details.

EB3 Priority date: Apr 2004

EB2 140 Approved date: 08/07/2011 EB3 priority date ported on I140 petition.

Past 485 filed date: Aug 2007

Interfiling date: 08/20/2011

My paralegal has sent interfile request on 08/20/2011.

Waiting no reply yet.

Ask paralegal to open SR.

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