H1B filing without the signatures of Applicant


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My Husband is on H1B and is working for a company in US. He got an offer from another company. He has send all the supporting documents required for the H1B transfer filing but has not signed the offer letter yet. I am on H4. I wanted to know whether the company can file H1B transfer without taking any signatures from both me and my Husband in any of the H1B transfer filing documents?

I appreciate any help.

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I have a similar situation. However, I have H4-to-h1 COS instead of new H1B (as I had H1B in the past). The company has not come to me for any signature. I am not sure if they need to file for LCA with my signature as well. Can you please tell me the if the employer can do a transfer from h4 to h1 without my signature?

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