Existing H1B visa stamped cancelled without prejudice


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Hi friends.. I appeared for my h1b visa renewal today at matamoros mexico. My current h1b is expiring sep 12 2011 so I thought I could apply for the renewal before it expires. I had the consulate interview today and the officer rejected my visa stating that I have gap between the date previous h1b was stamped and the date I started working for my employer. He also started that I have roi goi to india for visa stamping. I got my last h1 stamped on jan 10 2010 and I reached us on april7 2010 as I had give 2 months notice to my previous employer in india and I had some personal reasons too. Since I had a valid b2 visa the border office people gave me a new I 94 based on the b2 visa for 10 days.they also told that it is given only for me to prepare for my departure to india. So I have anu option now to stay and work in Us. My employer say that I can pass an amendment and convert the b2 to h1. And then I can go for stamping after six months. Is that going to help? I am confused please share any information you think that would help me



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