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@Ottawa, July 17th Visa approved

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Hi Guys,

I been following this forum from past 1-2 months. And now its my turn to share ...

Here are my details:

1. First time H1b Visa. Its F1 -> H1b

2. Full Time Employee.

VO only was asked only one question:

1. How long are you working with this company? i said ......

And VO said. You visa is approved....

Hope this helps.


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Hi raju18a

I am also in the same situation F1 to First time H1 (Fulltime)

I am currently working for this employer from the last 2 months in opt and Oct 1 my H1b will be effective. I am thinking of going for stamping in Nov.

But for the VO's question"

1. How long are you working with this company?.....i will say 6 months (while attending stamping in Nov)...

is it going to give bad impression to VO as i worked for this employer for less tham a year and came for stamping??

Plz...i need your advise on this

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