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  1. westindies

    H1-B | H4 | Extension | Ottawa Query

    Its better to select Ottawa in the DS-160 since you will be attending the interview there. Please resubmit DS-160.
  2. You need return air tickets. They might ask at Canada customs. please share your interview experience.
  3. westindies

    Calling all 221g in Ottawa

    To All who posted in this thread, Is your Masters course work/profession fall in the TAL list? I can't believe they are doing background security only because someone has done Masters from US. Is Computer Science also in TAL? I don't think so, but just making sure if anyone knows.
  4. Try going to the post office you selected earlier and check with them if they have the passport.
  5. USCIS processing time website is not updated since Aug 31st 2015. Does anybody know how long does it take nowadays for regular processing of H1b extension at Vermont Service Center? https://egov.uscis.gov/cris/processingTimesDisplay.do;jsessionid=abcSCg42HrFWZ8k1yorev
  6. westindies

    Concurrent filing of H4 EAD renewal

    Thank you jairichi. In that case, will it still take 90 days to process H4 EAD after my H extension is processed? So, the total processing time for H4 EAD will be 5 months (for my H extension approval) + 3 months (regular H4 EAD processing time)?
  7. westindies

    Airport Transit

    If you are not sure and/or not confident, book either a direct flight from EWR to BOM or fly via middle east (on Emirates or Etihad).
  8. I'm in the process of applying for my H1b and my wife's H4 extension. My wife has H4 EAD. As per the FAQ on USCIS website, I'm eligible to file H1b, H4 extension and H4 EAD renewal concurrently. But my employer refused to accept I-765 for H4 EAD from me saying my wife does not work for him. What are my options to file I-764 H4 EAD application concurrently, so it gets processed along with my H1b extension? If I wait till my H1 gets approved, it will still take up to 90 days after that to process the application and it might go past the current I-797 validity of Apr 2016. So, I'm worried my wife will loose her H4 EAD status since it will not get renewed in timely manner.
  9. westindies

    Handwritten passport - valid for visa stamping?

    Update: Got the passport back from US Consulate, Mumbai with visa stamped 3 days after submitting Dropbox documents.
  10. westindies

    Handwritten passport - valid for visa stamping?

    Update: Got the passport back from US Consulate 3 days after submitting Dropbox documents.
  11. westindies

    DROP BOX consideration

    I don't think you can send the documents by mail. Either you or your representative need to go to one of the 11 locations in India and submit the documents personally.
  12. Is handwritten passport issued by Indian Consulate in USA back in 2007 for 10 years still valid for H visa stamping? I heard non machine readable passports will be phased out in NOV 2015. My wife is planning to visit India and will appear for H4 stamping and come back in August. We'll apply for her new passport once she comes back to US. Just checking if anybody else had any issues or experiences with handwritten passports and visa stamping recently.
  13. westindies

    H1B extension processing in Vermont center

    I signed up for case alerts on USCIS website. My company attorney/HR has not informed me yet.
  14. westindies

    H1B extension processing in Vermont center

    Mine was approved on March 20th.
  15. westindies

    H1B extension processing in Vermont center

    Applied for H1b extension on Dec 18th 2014. NO updates yet from Vermont Service Center.