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Oath cermony trequirement

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Hi All,

                Greetings to every one. I am in a peculiar situation and would greatly appreciate a quick answer from anyone. My Otht ceremony was scheduled on 27th Mar at 9:30 AM and I understand that the USCIS offices are closed till the 1st Apr 20. This may continue for sometime till the epidemic is under control. and I do not know when the ceremony will take place.

With this said, my employer is laying off some of the work force which could include me.. I was at the same USCIS district office for an year before I went for my Naturalization interview. Do I need to continue staying in the same USCIS district till my oath ceremony is scheduled or can I move out to another state and come for the oath ceremony when it is due.


With regards




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I do have a rented apartment and my family will be staying here. Only I want to move out to a nearby state  if I lose my job here, but will be coming for the week ends.

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Thank you for your response. I agree with your definition of residency. However my question is; I was a resident of the St. Louis, Missouri, USCIS district for an year before I went for the naturalization interview. My Oath ceremony is pending and do not know when it will happen. Under these circumstances, can I move out of Missouri and comeback and take the Oath ceremony when I get the letter from USCIS?


A quick reply would be appreciated. Thank you

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