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Visitor visa for unmarried unemployed sister along with parents

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Hello all

I am planning to apply for B1/B2 visa for my mom, dad and younger sister (23 years old) - purpose: tourism and my graduation in summer 2020.  My dad has a family business, mom is a homemaker and sister is studying for CA - unemployed and unmarried. I am in a dilemma to choose between the following 2 options

Option 1: All 3 of them go for interview together - sister has better chances but does this reduce the chances of my mom and dad getting an visa because Sister may not be able to prove strong ties to the home country? 

Option2: Mom and dad appear for interview say in Jan 2020 and cite toursim as the main purpose. Dad can show work/family business and the need to take care of unmarried child (my sister) as ties to come back to India. Hopefully mom and dad get it. Sister goes later say in March/April and cites my graduation as the purpose.

Please advise which option is better - Option 1: Better chance for sister to get  a visa but risk of entire family getting rejected vs Option 2: Better chance for mom and dad but high chances for sister to get rejected?

Thank you!

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Let your Dad apply for them and you stay out of it. Strong ties are based on the value judgement of the Officer based on eye contact and brief answers. No documents are necessary and no person is asked to prove strong ties which are a nebulous concept in any case. The trip duration has to be realistic and mentioning graduation may work if you are in MIT.....etc.


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Trying to play 'application games' with a CO is risky business. Your parents may well be successful; your sister is a very high risk applicant as she has virtually nothing at home that would act as an overwhelming reason to return rather than find true love right after picking up her luggage and clearing customs. Any attempt by you to improve things won't work...no letters from you will mean anything, no one can guarantee that your sister will abide by the terms of a B2 visa, and the reason for going to the US carries very little weight versus the reasons a person would return.

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