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H1B Grace Period - starting employment on Fedex receipt

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I would like to know if I can start my employment with the new employer (during H1B grace period) with the FedEx receipt (enough proof that my H1B application was received by USCIS)?

If that is not an option during the H1B grace period, I would like to know if applying for H1B change of employer under premium processing would help as it would take 2-3 days to receive a receipt confirmation or would I be able to commence employment with the new employer only after receiving the USCIS paper receipt (which in my understanding takes 1-3 weeks)?


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Always choose Premium Processing in the case of change of employer with or without a grace period because you would get receipt number early.

FedEx receipt does NOT hold any ground to substantiate authorized stay/employment per USCIS. What if USCIS responds that they have received the FedEx packet but with incorrect fees or incorrect versions of application forms? Only the USCIS receipt number validates that all application material received is perfect and in the process to make a decision. 

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You can NOT work with a FedEx receipt. You ABSOLUTELY need the receipt from USCIS. Period.

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