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H1 Please reply very important!!

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Hi all..!! 

I applied H1 this year and my case status( case was received) since 155 days( California center). In between my marriage is fixed on Jan in India .. so I need to travel there is no time. I applied for premium on September 10. In client letter project duration is from Jan 2019 to sep 2019 with possible Extension..as premium now I will get rfe and I can submit client letter till dec 2019 with possible extension. Will they approve only till dec 2019 or more than that..? Please help.

Thanks all.

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Hi ,


Even the similar case with mine. In my client letter it is mentioned as below.

Our current contract with XXX (Employer name) is valid through 31-DEC-2019. Under normal business processes, we generally finalize project extensions a month before expiry. We expect this Project to get extended to 31-DEC-2020 and possibly beyond.

I have got an RFE and below are the details the asked.


Current SOW or MSA (signed by both parties), if not already provided.

Documentary evidence showing that the end-client requires the beneficiary’s services.

Documentary evidence regarding the end-client’s requirements (if any) for the position, for all of the client facilities where the beneficiary will be employed


Employer document:

       The beneficiary’s name and job title

       Confirmation of Employer's right to control the beneficiary

·       Confirmation that the project is expected to be extended past the expiration of the SOW (if applicable)


I am again submitting RFE with current SOW and HR letter and Manager letter. I need to wait and see for how long my visa will be renewed.




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Your post heading really panicked me. Your post is also confusing. So you applied in normal and on Sept 10 you converted it to premium?

Did you submit client letter already or are you expecting RFE for client letter and then you will submit client letter?

Moreover why to guess about duration. Getting approval is important. Do what you are supposed to do and leave rest ti god if you believe.

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Employer A I797 expired on: 04/01/2019
I94 say Admit Until Date  : 04/11/2019

Employer B transfer has denied on 09/13/2019.

While my employer is executing fresh filing I am planning to leave US in 1 -2 week.

Am I accruing unlawful Presence in US as my I94 expired in April and I have crossed 180 days since last valid I94 ?


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