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Visitor visa question

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I am a current Btech student, I am in the first year of my degree. I am planning to visit my brother in USA for 1 month during my semester break with a visitor visa.

1. Will my current student status with no job in India post an issue 

2. Can I list myself as self sponsor in DS 160

Please help thank you very much

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Very likely, as it would be very easy for you to abandon your studies to stay put in the US...

Listing yourself as a self sponsor makes virtually no difference..

In general, one has to have stronger reasons to leave the US than to stay....and a first year student is not much of a reason to go home, as you have little time invested in your education thus far.

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1. They look everything when issuing visa. You should emphasize on student status and show intent to return with valid reasons. Although there are some cases where people similar to your case have been denied visa because they could not establish sufficient evidence to return.

2. Be truthful.

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