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In-Laws visa rejected 3 times..Suggestions to ensure visa granted when applying next

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Hello, My In-Laws - both retired got visitor visa rejected 3 times. Both my wife and I are on Green card. 

Attempt 1- Feb 2019 - We applied the visa as sponsors and visa rejected in Hyderabad

Attempt 2- May 2019- Sponsorship changed to self and visa rejected in Hyderabad

Attempt 3- July 2019- Self sponsorship and visa rejected in Chennai.

We want to make sure the visa is granted next time and need suggestions on what can we do to ensure. Any suggestion at this time is helpful.


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First, there is no sponsorship for visitor visas. The only thing there is who pays for the trip, but that's not sponsorship.

Second, the important thing is that the applicant can convince the officer that he/she will return to their home country.

Third, applying and reapplying within a few months shows some kind of urgency. Is there a pregnancy involved?

Fourth, visa issuance is never guaranteed.

Unless things have changed significantly the denials will continue and they are just wasting their time and money.

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there is no way to guarantee visa issuance to anyone....now they have 3 denials within less than 6 months....a more desperate couple is hard to envision....changing consulates only reinforces the CO's belief that they are desperate to go to the US, no doubt to provide child care......but no one, including me ( a retired CO) has the 'magic answers' or formula that would guarantee that someone would get a tourist visa...

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BTW, if I had the mysterious 'guaranteed' solution to getting tourist visas, I could open an office, sell that secret for tons of money and earn enough to buy a sports team or a small fleet of jets.....which I would not do for ethical considerations, even if some magic solution existed....which it does not. 

It is more than clear to even the newest CO that your in-laws are super desperate to get to the US, and as I said before, most likely to provide child care (or possibly some other form of employment), as no one applies so often so quickly just to see Mt, Rushmore). Because of this trio of denials in a short span of time, it will be a long time before their next application is given any serious consideration....they have presented the classic case of being 'visa shoppers'  by changing small items on their DS 160's and/or changing consulates, hoping that their information has somehow not been shared....but it is shared....worldwide, at every US consulate around the globe....instantly...any CO who is about to interview them can see their application history and all of the silly stories and feeble attempts to fool a CO they have tried.   they cannot hide it, Each new story or minute 'fact' change will be visible...and compared to their previous fairy tales they told...they have dug the classic denial pit for themselves and their credibility has vanished....as no CO with more than 15 minutes of experience will buy off on the next fabricated tale of woe they try....I imagine that the next one you are contemplating will be the ever popular and oft-tried 'my (relative) is sick and needs moral support' accompanied by some hand scrawled note purchased from an ethically challenged doctor from the same culture....that tries to weave a tale of illness that is hazy....and unbelievable and, more to the point, just too coincidental to be true...and besides, if someone was truly that ill, they would be hiring a health care giver to take care of them...something that, oddly, no one seems to remember to do as they instead try to get some relative to the US to take care of their kids or the front desk of a motel or something....the stories have been told way too many times to be taken seriously...and sadly, far too many people have broken whatever promises they made about their prompt return and compliance with our laws and no one has come up with something more clever than the standard stories told trying to elicit sympathy from a CO, who, if properly trained, should never issue a visa based on sympathy.

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You have applied too many times in short period of time. Give a break.

Even though your in-laws intention might be to visit your family and go back to India, the VOs were not convinced that your in-laws will not go back and their toes with home country.

If they want to travel to US in future, probably 2 years down the lane, they better establish their credibility as just tourists. Best way is to travel to some other countries and hopefully it may convince the VO in future. 

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