In-Laws visa rejected 3 times..Suggestions to ensure visa granted when applying next


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Hello, My In-Laws - both retired got visitor visa rejected 3 times. Both my wife and I are on Green card. 

Attempt 1- Feb 2019 - We applied the visa as sponsors and visa rejected in Hyderabad

Attempt 2- May 2019- Sponsorship changed to self and visa rejected in Hyderabad

Attempt 3- July 2019- Self sponsorship and visa rejected in Chennai.

We want to make sure the visa is granted next time and need suggestions on what can we do to ensure. Any suggestion at this time is helpful.


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First, there is no sponsorship for visitor visas. The only thing there is who pays for the trip, but that's not sponsorship.

Second, the important thing is that the applicant can convince the officer that he/she will return to their home country.

Third, applying and reapplying within a few months shows some kind of urgency. Is there a pregnancy involved?

Fourth, visa issuance is never guaranteed.

Unless things have changed significantly the denials will continue and they are just wasting their time and money.

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You have applied too many times in short period of time. Give a break.

Even though your in-laws intention might be to visit your family and go back to India, the VOs were not convinced that your in-laws will not go back and their toes with home country.

If they want to travel to US in future, probably 2 years down the lane, they better establish their credibility as just tourists. Best way is to travel to some other countries and hopefully it may convince the VO in future. 

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