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Visitors visa for Aunt

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Could someone tell me how to apply for a US tourist visa for my aunt (mon's cousin sister)?

Do I need to send any documents? What documents does she need to carry for the interview? Thanks for your help!



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She should apply on her own recognizance without input from anyone. Presumably, she knows why she wants to visit. You have no role in the matter though you could pay for the ticket if you wish. Please do not have her involve an agent. It is a very simple procedure and any relative at home should be able to guide her if needed.

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She applies, and needs to be able to convince the consular officer that she will return to her home country.

No document from you matters.

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papers, notarized or not, have no positive meaning during an interview,,,she applies, she qualifies, based on her own merits and must convince the CO that she will not be providing child care during her visit (which is the most likely reason for her request, based on my experience, as elderly aunts are not chomping at the bit to see Mt. Rushmore nor Disneyland. nut instead have been asked to come to the US to take care of the little ones so mom and dad can go back to work....)

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