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Bhupesh Mehta

Indian Citizen marrying to US Citizen

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Hello All, 

I have simple case but due to multiple opinions it becomes complicated. Most of the articles highlight the exceptions more so people get worried. 

In My case, 

We are Indian National (me, wife and daughter) and working at UAE on work visa.  We all hold B1/B2 for many years and visited US few times. Elder daughter is staying at USA On H4 visa.

Sometime in May 2018 we received a marriage proposal for my younger daughter from our community who is US Citizen and working at USA,  and now we are confused on various options available for them to file petition. 

K-1 OR I-130 OR I-480 consular processing. 

We prefer to have a legal and ritual marriage done in presence of both the parents at India (in small scale) and then they file the petition and once the visa is approved, we get into more formal marriage ceremony.  Because as per our culture they dont stay together unless there is formal marriage done.  

Now can anyone guide properly on this? Boy and his parents are coming to India in December and we are also going to be there for legal/ritual marriage in presence of only close family members. 


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You should consider discussing the various options with a Lawyer, maybe the firm of Murthy or any of your choice. Multiple opinions have confused you and more opinions will only confuse you further.

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