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My GC Interview Experience

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i used to follow Murthy forums a lot to know about GC Process and other scenarios. I just want to share my experience as a gratitude.

Appointment is at 08:15 AM for my whole family.

Filing Category: EB1-C

Priority Date: 09/15/2017

I was called by officer at 08:30 AM.

  1. She asked basic details of me & my spouse like Date of birth,Names ,Passports & drivers license
  2. Next she went on with asking i-485 questions regarding criminal, military etc
  3. She took employment verification letter & Payslips
  4. Finally she said dates are backdated and we will get GC when they are current

Officer is very friendly 🙂

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The way it works is they will not schedule an Interview if everything is not above board and will issue RFE,s if necessary. She reads from a checklist and the answers are obvious and the whole process is a farce based on political idiocy and that also explains the new champion of women's rights in the supreme court.

No Offense to you. Thanks for posting your experience.

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What is not clear to you?. The process of approving an EB based petition is thorough. All these years very few employment based petitions needed an Interview. The Information available to the Interviewing Officer does not change because of an Interview. They confirm the facts and thats about it. Increasing the workload of these Officers against the background of ever increasing wait times would seem to be another way to decrease the pace of Immigration and restore pre-1965 habits. The only major effect of a mandatory Interview is to further slow down the pace of adjusting status. Remember the major impact is on people from China and India.

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