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H4 visa for new born in Canada with Canadian Passport

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Hi, there, I want to apply for a H4 visa for my new-born baby in Canada who has a Canadian passport. I am wondering if we need to visit the US Consulate or we can get the H4 visa at the border within the airport? Thanks in advance for any information. 

FYI, I am a Canadian PR, and already got my H1B visa to work in the US.

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As a Canadian Citizen your child can get an H4 I94 at the border.

In Trump's world, please run it by the US Embassy and preferably ask for a written response.

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Ignore the previous reply which is totally wrong. Your child can of course get a H4 visa at the Canadian Airport from where you are flying assuming the CBP has a presence there.

Canadian Citizens do not need a visa to enter the USA. You will need to produce the birth certificate of the child along with the passport. If both parents are flying this should be enough to ask for entry of the child in H4 status. You will also need the H1 petition approval and any relevant employment documents. If your company is a known one, this is no problem at all.

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2 hours ago, Ram08072018 said:

h4 s wont come at the boarder you have to go to consulate this is for sure .at the boarder you can get  Tn visa Dependant not H4

You are wrong. Canadian citizens don't need an H4 visa. They can get admitted in H4 status at the border.

This has been possible for a long time, at least a decade.

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