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Using H1B from previous employer

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I got my I-140 approved in 2015 and got 3 years h1b extension until August 2018 on approved I-140  from employer 1. 

In 2017 september due to personal emergency of parents I travelled to India, and joined another Employer 2 in India.

Now my H1B both H1B Visa and Work Permit are valid for 2 months 15 days (august 2018) with Employer 1.

Employer 2 is saying he can subcontract for a project with my Employer 1 iand I can go to USA and on that visa.  My Employer 1 also agreed to take me back and asking me tor come back to US on that H1B which he didn't withdrawn.  As soon as I am in US he said he will file the H1B extension.

Is it safe to travel with Employer 1 H1B visa to USA?  

Thank you in advance !

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These times are not ideal for trying to take shortcuts. It is not safe. Have them file a H1 petition for you and get it approved. They are cracking down on a scenario where it is possible for say company 1 to get your I-140 approved and yet not have a H1 job readily available for that same person.

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