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H1b with job but two pending DWI in Texas

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Hi, I am on valid H1B work permit till 2020. I had DWI few months back in texas and the case is still pending. I am planning to move to India for good and never want to return again. However I have a job in USA and the company offered me to join their India off shore company matching my salary with Indian currency.

1) Can I go back to India and I am not planning to return for good and for ever. 

2) Will I loose my job after going back to India working for the same company? As there will be a arrest warrent against me and will my company in USA knows about it? 

3) How can I make sure my company will not know about it even after leaving the country.

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Do you have a DUI Lawyer?

Is this your first DUI?

Have you asked about deferred adjudication? which can make the records expungable so that your company will not know. ?

Have you considered letting the company Know what happened?

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