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N 400 interview in 3 weeks - solicitation charges

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I have N 400 interview in few weeks. I had a solicitation charge from back in 2002. I please not guilty but found guilty. court supervision for 3 months. later expunged it in 2006. Mentioned arrest record for all the applications. Got GC in 2011. applied for citizenship in early 2017 and have an interview in few weeks. I know my case falls under petty offense exception as the actual sentence is 3 months supervision and the max sentence for that offense is 6 months so perfectly falls in petty offense exception.

now my question is, do i really need an attorney with me for my interview? its not about money but wondering do i really need one . any response is appreciated as i have interview in exactly 20 days

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On 5/5/2018 at 11:19 AM, pontevecchio said:

You needed a Lawyers guidance. It may be too late to get hold of a lawyer. Go ahead with the Interview and see what happens.

thanks.. i am taking one. 

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I do not have copy of actual arrest and i can not get them either as the document is expunged as ordered by the judge. I just have the certified disposition and also a copy from police department saying the arrest record is expunged. Do they really push me for the copy of arrest which i cant get.??

Also, I did not mention about speeding citations, do i need to bring them up ?

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Guys..I attended my interview and it all went smooth. He did not ask my in detail about the charges but took the documents i provided(disposition and expungement ). he was in a rush to take them and not really want to ask what the arrest is about. I just told him it happened 15 years ago and he made a note of it. May be they already have our history and not bother about anything that happened prior to 5 years. 

Passed the civic/english test . officer made sure that my bio is correct as it will go on the naturalization certificate, asked if i want to change name, i said NO. Gave me a paper indicating that that my case is recommended for Naturalization and i should get Oath details in mail.

I was anxious about this for years and i am relieved that it all went smoothly. Now, i am looking forward for the Oath letter in mail. I will keep you updated. FYI.. I did take an attorney with me. 

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