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Tourism(B2) visa for In-laws : Self sponsor vs. me sponsoring

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I am filling DS-160 for my in-laws. I am on H1B visa and wife is on H4 visa in usa. My father-in-law occupation is Agriculture and giving Rs.50K/month as his income. Mother-in-law is homemaker. If i give self sponsor in DS-160 for both of them then how much cash they have to show in their banks. They have up to 8-10 Lakh rupees in account. Planning to give Intended stay 2 months in DS-160 ( does port of entry officer give i-94 based on this or do they give 6 months i-94 default?) 

If they are self sponsoring then In Invitation Letter (To Visa officer) i mention that they are going to stay at my Apartment right? should i write like They will bear all expenses Except Accommodation? Can any one send Invitation Letter for self sponsored B2 in laws visa. 


if i sponsor them then do i need to prepare lot of documents like I-134 affidavit of support and Bank letter and other letters?  is it better to sponsor them or self sponsor to get visa? 

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In the part "who's paying for the trip", you can have them mention you. 2 months in the right season would make sense. December in Minnesota would be raise eyebrows. You get the drift?. The I94 on arrival is usually 6 months.

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