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Joining new employer with H1B receipt

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I am working for employer A and have got an offer from employer B, but they are asking me to join soon after getting the receipt. Could you please clarify following things:

1. Since employer B is a big company, the chances of rejection is very low, but if there is an RFI, will I be out of status?

2. If the application is rejected, will I be able to go back to employer A? Will my existing H1B with employer A continues to be valid even after joining employer B? Please note that the current Visa/petition is valid till the end of the year.

Appreciate the response.


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(1) I have experience having joined on receipt and receiving an RFE! It turned out OK in the end. You are not out of status even if there's an RFE

(2) Depends on your previous employer!


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The same case is with me. I work in India. I resigned from my current employer and I have the receipt number. The documents will be withdrawn once I leave the organization.

But how do I proceed with that in my new organization this year? Will they be able to apply for any other opportunity with this receipt number?

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