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N-400 - Please advise

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Hi Experts,

I got my GC in 2009. Though I am eligible by 2014, I delayed applying for Citizenship. I am ready now and filling N-400.
Here are my questions.

1. I, my wife, and my eldest daughter are GC holders and my younger one is a citizen by birth. I know that kids get citizenship automatically if parents are citizens, but my daughter is 17 now and will turn 18 in May, 2017. If the process takes an year or two before I get Citizenship, she will be 18 or 19 by the time we take Oath. Can she become a Citizen on the basis of ours or do I need to apply for her separately after she turns 18 in May?

2. I went thoroughly through N-400 and instructions, and confident of applying on my own without needing a lawyer's help. What do you guys think applying on our own?

3. In Section 12, question 23, I am listing 3 traffic violations that I have had in the last 11 years. All of them relatively minor and I paid penalties. I believe that I should list them rather than avoiding them. Please advice.

4. If the approval process is delayed and if I don't get Citizenship by Feb, 2019. Do I need renew my green card while Naturalization process is in progress?


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Most people apply without a lawyer.

All moving violations have to be listed (speeding, etc.) No documentation is necessary for fines under $500.

The process pretty much always takes less than a year. If the GC expires before the oath, it is best to renew it. The child would have to have her own application since she will be 18 by the time of your oath.

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Hi Mrc,

#1. It would be better for your daughter to apply separately after she turns 18.

#2. You don't need lawyer for N-400, just follow instructions.

#3. Yes, list any and all citations.

#4. On average naturalization process takes about 5 -7 months. I don't think you need to worry about GC renewal at this time.

Good luck!

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