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Travel Ban - US to India and Back - GC - I-407 form

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Planning to travel to India in April and back for a family event. I am getting forward messages in Whatsapp about a few things, so wanted to check with the forum and everyone's experiences so far:

1) Can an Indian citizen with GC be denied entry because of this travel ban? I understand India is not one of the 7 countries named in the list but getting messages that Indians are being detained.

2) I am getting messages that immigration officers are forcing people to sign I-407 to surrender their GC status (not sure how true this is), but any such reports or first hand experiences from anyone here?

Thanks in advance for your input.

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Nobody can force you to sign anything. That would be illegal.

There are reports where people got coerced into signing an I-407, basically with "sign this or we deport you." Coercing people into signing something is also illegal. Be polite, but firm, and don't sign anything. Get the names of the officers, maybe record video/audio (the ACLU has an app that uploads recordings to their servers in real time, so even if they confiscate the phone, the recording is safe.)

Also remove social media apps from your phone. They may ask for passwords for your social media accounts.


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